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Sell Investment Property

We have developed a comprehensive plan to assist our investor clients in selling their properties quickly and for the highest possible price.


Before the Sale

  • Rental Rate Optimization
    • Under-rented properties are a great opportunity for buyers and a lost opportunity for sellers. To get maximum value when you sell you need to ensure that you are getting maximum value when you are renting. That is why we provide our clients with periodic rental rate assessments leading up to the time of sale to ensure that your investment is optimized. Contact Us for a free, no obligation rental rate assessment.
  • Market Analysis
    • We analyze data on your competition, recent sales, rental rates, neighborhood trends, and seasonality to get an accurate picture of your property’s value.
    • We also consider multiple exit strategies including flip, condo conversion, short term rental, or straight sale.
  • Property Make Ready
    • We can help you determine what repairs or upgrades to your property would yield the greatest return on your investment.
    • We can coordinate repairs using our team of qualified contractors.
  • Professional Photography
    • We hire professional photographers to shoot every property we list for sale. Considering that 96% of buyers start their search online, making your property shine is of the utmost importance.
  • Pre-Marketing
    • We will pre-market your property using our list of local agents and investors, specializing in investment property.

During the Sale

  • Tenant Relationship Management
    • Your tenants can be an asset or a road block to the sale of your property. We understand that the sale of an occupied property is a sensitive situation and work to maintain good tenant relationships to improve the chances of a successful sale.
  • Marketing
    • We link your property listing to over 900 websites including: listhub_realtystake
  • Follow Up-We regularly follow up with investors and agents who have viewed or show interest in your property to ensure that no opportunities are lost.

After the sale

  • We have resources to assist with 1031 exchanges, Solo 401Ks, and Self Directed IRAs to help you optimize the performance of your investments.
  • We regularly monitor the pricing and rental rates for our clients to ensure that their investments are optimized.


Scott strikes a rare and perfect balance between being professional yet still personable. Not only was Scott able to immediately understand and find what I was looking for in a property, but his keen business sense was an incredible asset that allow me to feel calm and confident throughout the process. Plus, Scott’s strong grasp of the Austin housing market enabled me to make a solid investment which continues to impress
- Mary Olivar
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